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Why use natural stone?

Authentic. Versatile. Unique. Durable. Sustainable. Easy to Maintain.

Natural stone is a luxury material and it’s aesthetically beautiful. Every piece is unique. Natural stone lasts a lifetime, its durability stands up to busy households, and a wide variety of colors and styles makes it perfect for any décor.

Thanks to the unique designs and inherent variations of natural stone, every piece will be slightly different. Yet it is versatile enough for many tastes and can be used to create a classic, yet modern, décor, as well. Natural stone comes in a variety of finishes such Polished, Honed, Antique, Brushed and Leathered.

What kind of care does Natural Stone require?

Every material requires maintenance care; it’s important to match the right stone to your comfort level so that you’ll be happy with it and understand what kind of care is expected over the years.

Quality Tile provides our customers with care instructions for each individual type of stone. In general, surfaces can be cleaned with a soap made for natural stone or a mild liquid detergent. Some types of natural stone, such as marble, require extra attention.

Which type of Natural Stone should I consider?


Are other products available in the market?

Engineered Stone, Quartz or Sintered Stone

Is environmentally-friendly and it has many benefits such great durability, beauty, hygiene, and ease-of-maintenance. Most quartz are high-wear, and great for high-traffic areas like kitchen countertops. There are many quartz products on the market, with varying compositions, so it’s best to speak with our consultants to select the perfect stone for your project.

Sintered Stone is a manmade product. Its designs provide an extensive range of colors and finishes. This product is desirable for its interior and exterior application possibilities, such as, countertops, walls, flooring, outdoor kitchen, and facades. Sintered Stone is appealing to consumers due to its hear resistance to very high temperatures, UV resistance, ice and thawing resistance, stain resistance, durability, and maintenance. Sintered Stone is available in ultra thickness, ranging from 1/8″ to 3/4″.